Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Q&A Answers!

Q:Who is your all time favorite comic book writer?
A:Frank Miller

Q:Who's your favorite comic book character of all time ?
A: Wolverine

Q:If you could have any super power, what would it be?
A: Regeneration

Q:What is wolverine's full name?
A: before he lost his memory: James Howlett. After he lost his memory: Logan

Q: If you were in charge of a comic book company would you let the writers write what they want or would you tell them what they have to write?
A:I will let them write what they want. But of course if it is good then it will be published

Q:Why no manga?
A: haven't got around to it. Tell me guys if you want to see Manga.

Q:Whats the best comic book to start with?
A: either Watchmen or Year one

Q: What's one "must-read" comic before I die?
A: Watchmen , Year one or Civil war

Q: What's the worst comic you've ever read?
A: I hevn't read anything bad yet.

Q: Personal top 5 comics?
A: 5:kick ass. 4:Civil war. 3:Year one. 2:Ultimate X-men ( all 100 issues). 1: Watchmen

Q:the best comics you've read?
A: Year one.

Q:What do you like better, the comic book or the movie version of "V" for Vendetta?
A: I haven't seen the movie yet. But it looks awsome.Gonna go pick it up tonight.

Q:Which Arkham City skin do you like the most?
A: I loved the hooded robin one.

Q:what was the most obscure comic you ever read?
A: I think it has to be Batman Arkham asylum: A serious house on serious earth.

Q:What's the sickest or most disgusting thing you've seen in a comic?
A: I think it's when Hank pym cut Black panther's leg and ate it while he was alive (marvel zombies)

Q:Which superhero comic would you like to see coming in live action movie next?
A:Probably Iron Fist. It is easy to make don't know why they haven't made one yet.

Q:Do you believe that Deadpool is overrated?
A: No hell to the no! I think he is over powered, He is by far the funniest character the comic book universe has to offer.

Q:Would you like to check my blog and tel me if you like my comic book-esque art?
A: I did. They are pretty cool

I think i answered all of them. Let guys know if maybe in the future you want to see another one of these.

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Timothy Bowen said...

Frank Miller is full of win. :)

Bersercules said...

You should do one of these every week or so!

GMSoccerPicks said...

Hmmm it looks like you liked Year One quite a bit, i guess it's worth giving it a chance.

Shaw said...

I wouldn't mind seeing some Manga

revilo251 said...

this is a rather good idea :D great(Y)

LexxxLucius said...

Mmmmm, Wolverine.

Dark_Charizard said...

Deadpool can be a good partner for the 50's Spiderman. Probably my 2 favourites comics characters.

Hasidic Plumber said...

Cutting and eating your friend's leg is not kosher. Have you ever read a comic with a hasidic main character? The Hasidic Plumber could be the first one. Think about it.

Damon said...

great post
i like your blog (:

Lemur said...

nice post

Heaven. said...

<3 Wolverine

Cid said...

Wolverine is such a badass. I could agree, the best comic book character of all time.

Anonymous said...

Wolverine is a classic character. Love him too.

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