Saturday, July 30, 2011

Review: Watchmen

Presentation: Watchmen was one of the most talked about graphic novel and introduced many readers to the world of comic books, and it is one of the must-read for every comic fan.

Story:  The story of Watchmen takes place in 1985 in an alternate history where superheroeswho have ceased their vigilante seem to disappear one by one, while the Third World War threatens to erupt at any time with the Eastern bloc . The appearance of Dr.Manhattan in 1959, a superman with powers by almost the equal of a god, has changed the history we know: the United States won the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal was choked, oil is no longer a major source of energy, and Richard Nixon is still president in 1985. The album is interspersed with several pages of written materialfrom the world of Watchmen. Newspaper articles, long passages from the diary of one of the characters, these documents do not directly serve the plot of the story but cangive depth to the world of Watchmen.

Drawing:The drawing isn't the best but it gives the comic it's own style . everything is very detailed the characters are very well designed. It may throw some readers off at the beginning but soon they will find that drawing isn't what makes this comic so good.

Verdict: This is as i said a must read . It has everything drama conspiracy theories.... If you can get your hands on this graphic novel you won't regret it. I give it a [9/10]

Monday, July 25, 2011

what we will be reading : Watchmen

I think this is a must for our blog. I have read it but for the fun of it i'll read it again.

Hope you enjoy it ! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review: Blackest night

Presentation: green lantern never received the love that it deserved . But in this serie is where green lantern shines

Story: The story is too long to put in a few lines but it's about this prophecy mentioned in the book of Oa . i seriously did not like the story it is told as if you read everything from the dc universe and that threw me of at the beginning but as i was reading the story i found a lot of similarities with the marvel zombie, i am sorry if i am not developing it enough but it's not very good.

Drawing: The drawing is what kept me going . how the characters are displayed is just amazing , everyone get the same level of detail and all the corps colors is just great.

Verdict: It's a good serie if you are familiar with all the dc charcters but for casual readers it's just confusing . For that i give a [6/10].

P.S.: this review isn't very good just for the fact that i didn't like reading the comic. I promise better reviews in the near future

Thursday, July 14, 2011

update: Blackest night

Sorry guys. But the review will be up a little late. I'm sorry but i was traveling so i couldn't read them and it's one long a** serie

Saturday, July 9, 2011

what we will be reading

We will be reading : Blackest Night. i heard lots of good things about it , and the green lantern movie came out like few weeks ago. it is a big serie you can either read the main serie and other stuff that comes with it or just the main one. But anyway i'll provide a reading order in case you have it all .

Reading order:

Blackest Night - Tales of the Corps 001-003
Green Lantern 043
Green Lantern 044
Green Lantern Corps 039
Blackest Night - Superman 001
Green Lantern 045
Green Lantern Corps 040
Blackest Night - Batman 001-003
Adventure Comics 004-005
Blackest Night - Titans 001-003
Suicide Squad 067
Secret Six 017-018
Green Lantern 046
Green Lantern Corps 041
Justice League of America 039-040
Outsiders 024-025
Blackest Night - Superman 002-003
Blackest Night - Wonder Woman 001
Blackest Night - Flash 001
Teen Titans 077-078
Green Lantern Corps 042
R.e.b.e.l.s. - 010-011
Green Lantern 047-048
Green Lantern Corps 043
Green Lantern 049
Green Arrow 030
Atom and Hawkman 046
Blackest Night - Wonder Woman 002-003
Blackest Night - Flash 002-003
Adventure Comics 007
Phantom Stranger 042
Green Lantern 050-051
Blackest Night - JSA
Green Lantern Corps 044-045
Green Lantern Corps 046
Green Lantern 052

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Review: Kick-Ass

Presentation: Kick-Ass has to be one of the most talked about comic book series these past two years and it deserves every good word said about it.

Story: the story is about a a teenager who wants to be a super hero, it might sound lame but he is as far from a super hero as it gets and thats the good thing about it, it's not your teenager gets super powers story but how if you try to be a hero you get your ass kicked.I'm not trying to go into the story very much so i wouldn't spoil anything, but one thing i can say is that the ending is just AWSOME!!

Illustration: the drawing on this one is just great: very detailed and colorfull . and the characters drawings speak for them . I don't have a lot to say about it just because it's all i can say about it. it doesn't bring anything new to the world of comics but it fits this comic.

Verdict: i give it a 8/10. i enjoyed every page of this one, all the fight scenes some of them were gory but awsome.i didn't like one thing and it was that they had to put that cheezy "if you put your mind into it you can do it" thing. Point is: This is a must read .