Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Super Hero Dayjobs

One of the most relatable aspects of a super hero that fans identify with is their alter-ego day job. In most cases, our favorite heroes have jobs just like the rest of us. From pilots, teachers, soldiers, and cops to industrialists, lawyers, and politicians, super heroes come from all walks of professional life… and no, we don't consider royalty a day job. It's one thing to hold down a day job, but it's another story altogether to moonlight as a crime fighter at night, especially when you're putting your life on the line "pro bono". Still, like the rest of us, almost everyone in the super hero universe has a job to do, average or not.


It's funny how lawyers take so much heat in real life but some of the most popular super heroes of all time practice law for a living. Arguably the most popular and respected of all super hero lawyers is Daredevil as blind attorney Matt Murdock who fights for justice in two distinctly different manners. Lawyer by day, masked crime fighting vigilante by night, Murdock is a positive poster boy for the legal profession. There's no doubt that some of today's most prolific lawyers were inspired by the Daredevil comics in their early years. On the female side of the fence, She-Hulk alter ego, Jennifer Walters, has been one of the most influential lawyers in the entire super hero universe, having been enlisted by several super names to server as their legal council while working for Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway. Once hired by billionaire industrialist Tony Stark as defense council, Walters went on to file suit against Iron Man in a different world and once even served legal papers to Peter Parker (Spider-Man). She's been one of the busiest lawyers in super hero history. Also, other notable super hero lawyers include Manhunter's Karen Spencer and Helena Wayne in the Earth 2 series as the daughter of Batman and Catwoman. At one point, Green Lantern Guy Gardner even defended Green Lantern Hal Jordan.


When it comes to average Joe alter-egos, Superman's Clark Kent and Spider-Man's Peter Parker aren't raking in huge amounts of loot for a living. Parker also teaches at his old high school so we know he's barely getting by. However, what Kent and Parker have proven is that there's longevity in the news business… even more so than real life. Still, seeing how Superman and Spider-Man are two of the coolest, most popular characters in super hero history, reporter and photographer are two day jobs that fans instantly relate to when thinking of top comic book jobs. It's the fact that they both earn an honest living that makes them so appealing and relatable as characters. What makes them even more super is that for years they've both endured overbearing bosses we can all identify with - Kent's boss Perry White at the Daily Planet and Parker's superior (now former) J. Jonah Jameson at the Daily Bugle. At one point both Mystique and Captain America had brief stints at the Daily Bugle. As for the Daily Planet, it's kind of funny to think Superman actually works for Batman since Bruce Wayne owns the publication. Other notable journalists in the super hero universe include Rex Graine as Mr. A and Vic Sage as The Question, whose determination, morals, social conscience, and investigative techniques put both Clark Kent and Peter Parker to shame.
Medical Doctor

Over the years, unlike real life, there hasn't been a shortage of doctors in the super hero universe. Thor, Beast, Jean Grey, Doctor Mid-Nite, Dr. Strange, and Doctor Droom/Druid have all come to the aid of ailing super heroes in various capacities. Although some have gone beyond the medical field to explore and utilize their powers and talents in the realms of science, magic, and mysticism - some even forced to give up the profession as in the case of Dr. Strange - the medical profession has been well served by these heroes. Although some Marvel heroes would have sought out Strange for medical reasons prior to the car accident that ended his career as a surgeon, they now enlist him to help defeat evil through magic and mysticism. Not a bad career change, if you ask us. In recent years, it was cool to see both doctors Jean Grey and Hank McCoy together in the same movie in X-Men: The Last Stand. Given the fallout after the many clashes between good and evil, the job of medical doctor will always be a top occupation in the super hero universe. Although he is a doctor, it's hard to include Doctor Doom on the list since he's always out for blood.

Billionaire - Industrialist - Businessman

Although this day job is often closely interconnected with science and technology, Bruce Wayne (Batman), Tony Stark (Iron Man), Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) - even Janet Van Dyne (Wasp) comes from a wealthy family, portrayed as a wealthy socialite- were, and are, filthy stinking rich, with billions in the bank from various business dealings. You can throw Reed Richards into this category, too, but he's much more valuable for his scientific intellect in his many fields of study. With money comes power of a completely different kind for these heroes, making them some of the most powerful people in the entire super hero world. As a super hero, when you have that type of dough behind you, you've got more options at your disposal than the typical crime fighter. On top of that, if you're a guy, just from the bankroll alone you're an instant playboy. Women often throw themselves at your feet (or in the direction of your bed). Depending on what you're drawn to as far as super hero day jobs, it doesn't get much better than this. What more could you ask for? With special skills/powers, crazy Bill Gates type of money, political power and influence, any girl of your choice, fame and fortune... tough life! It also means you can afford a sidekick, too.


When it comes to the fields of traditional science and applied science, the top day jobs list in the super hero universe reads like a who's who of the elite. From the likes of Hank Pym (Any-Man/Giant-Man/Yellowjacket), Charles Xavier (Professor X), Jay Garrick and Barry Allen (Flash), to Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic), Bruce Banner, (Hulk), Henry McCoy (Beast), Jonathan Ostermann (Doctor Manhattan), Ted Sallis (Man-Thing), all of the scientific and technological bases are covered - biochemistry, molecular biology, physics, genetics, mathematics, quantum mechanics, robotics, spectral analysis, engineering, biotechnology, energy storage and more. Hell, you could also throw Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark into this group for their scientific and applied technological prowess. These are the guys who make super heroes all the more super. They're also the guys who help our heroes understand why and how they're different.
It's one thing for a super hero to have extraordinary power, but it's another to be able to harness that force or ability and make it all the more powerful. Because of their brilliance, guys like Professor X also help maintain order in the super hero universe. However, science also has a downside when used for the wrong reasons. For as many heroes science produces and enhances, there's a long line of villains who use science for evil. Either way, it takes a scientific genius to explain to us non-mutants how all of the pieces fit together, especially since so many super heroes are born out of scientific mishaps.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Special Post

The holidays are just around the bend and it is better to prepare your gifts early, here are some awesome gifts that you can give to your loved ones or buy them to yourself :

Batman B&W Arkham Asylum:
Considering that one of the hottest video game releases of this holiday season is Batman: Arkham City, it’s only fitting to complement that hype with this gorgeous DC Direct statue from their Batman: Black and White line, celebrating Arkham City’s precursor, Arkham Asylum. Standing confident in all of his glory, the Arkham Asylum Batman stands just over 7 inches tall and lives up to the high standards set by DCD’s other fine products. Best of all, this statue is on the relative cheap side: only $80 for one of the best Batman collectibles of the year.

Darth Maul with Mechanical Legs:
Few people will dispute the idea that Darth Maul was the coolest part of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. Yet he was chopped in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the film’s final battle and exited our lives forever. That is, until a Dark Horse Comics story revealed that he’d actually survived and got himself some ostrich-style mechanical legs to seek vengeance on the Jedi that almost killed him. Sideshow celebrates that storyline with this badass, highly detailed statue of everyone’s second-favorite Sith Lord. What would the holidays be without some Star Wars? The Holiday Special notwithstanding, of course.

If you’re trying to convert a burgeoning comic book fan to a full-on graphic novel aficionado, there are few places better to start than Watchmen. The revered graphic novel from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons offers a look at superhero comics like you’ve never seen them before or since. Between a multi-layered narrative, an engaging murder mystery, insanely complex artwork and a backdrop of a dystopian 1980s America, Watchmen helped shove comics into the literary mainstream. It’s available in many different formats, from an expensive Absolute Edition to the more reasonably priced trade paperback. Either way, it’s a must-own for any fan.You also check out our review of it.

Y the last man:
When people are arguing over the best comic series ever made, Vertigo’s Y: The Last Man usually factors into that conversation. Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s examination of what the world would be like without a Y chromosome (except for one man, Yorick, and his pet monkey, Ampersand) is a fascinating look under the microscope at our society when the world seems to be coming to a plausible end. Just be warned: you’ll probably be crying by the time you wrap this puppy up. You can get your Y: The Last Man fix via 10 trade paperback collections or from five over-sized hardcovers.

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