Thursday, October 27, 2011

Double Review: Aquaman #2 and Superman #2

Aquaman #2

After taking a first look on what could be the "bad guys" in this story line in the first issue,the second issue confirmed this thought. This issue starts with the owners of a boat being attacked by the creatures seen in the first issue claiming they were looking for food, then we cut to aquaman showing mera his wife pictures of him before he the days of being aquama. Suddenly aquaman is summoned by a deputy to help any survivors of the boat mentioned earlier that was on fire a few miles off shore.After few line of conversation and as aquaman and mera were heading to sea, a cocoon if taken out of the water. As soon as aquaman gets to it, those monters burst out of the water. In this issue we get to see aquaman in action and this action in very well illustrated by the beautiful art and coloring. I give it [7.5/10].

Superman #2 

After fighting that fiery creature, Lois Lane's dad Brings news to superman about it, they suspect it is a creation of someone to bring terror into people's hearts, but superman knows that that is not true, because he says that he heard it say Kripton wich is superman's home planet.Then we switch to Clark kent in Lois Lane's appartement in a conversation that doesn't really add much to the story but it's good for the character development.Then we cut to superman doing his nightly "shift" but then he is attacked by an invisible creature to him, yes, a creature that everyone can see but him alone can't.No info was given about why he couldn't see it, but superman is a smart guy so he came up with a good idea to keep up with him.Any other info might spoil  the issue. The art is good as always tough I still can't get used to the new superman costume but other than that this issue was top notch. I give a [8/10].

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Triple Review: JLA #2 Batman #2 and Wonder Woman #2

Justice League of America #2

After meeting super man in the first issue, the battle starts: Superman VS batman and green lantern. They are both too weak to beat superman. The battle started because of a misunderstanding about a box that was recovered for a creature that fought batman and green lantern in the first issue.After getting their ass kicked by superman green lantern calls the flash who gets there very fast, because as you may not know he is the fatstest man alive. The battle continues between flash and superman, and I love how the writers gave the flash what he deserved,All this battle is portrayed beautifully,I was flabbergasted by the amazing level of details that the artist gave, it really shows you that they love what they are doing.We then skip to S.T.A.R labs for super human studies, where victor's dad (cyborg) works, he gets in a fight with him for not coming at his football game, S.T.A.R labs also recovered a box, same as the one batman green lantern superman and flash got.The ending was pretty
awesome,where we see the real secret behind those boxes.I give a [9/10].             

Batman #2
the first issue ended with reading the message that was on the wall behind the victim that says: Bruce Wayne will die tomorrow and the discovery of Dick Greyson's skin under the victim's fingernails . In the beginning of the issue, Bruce Wayne is falling from the Wayne tower after being thrown out by the same assassin that killed the  victim in the first issue, talking about the gargoyles that were considered guardians watching over all the ways of entry to Gotham city, we then go back twenty four hours before that. The autopsy of the john doe came back and nothing shows who the assassin is, Greyson's alibi check out so he is not the killer, Bruce is visited by Lincoln March one of the men running for mayor, Their discussion doesn't add a lot to the story, but afterwards the assassins comes for Bruce, not wanting to fight because he doesn't want to look suspicious, Bruce gets stabbed twice by the throwing knives of the assassin , and then he gets kicked out of the tower's window. The ending was great, It has a twist of events that will make you eager for the next issue.I give it a [8/10].

Wonder Woman #2
Wonder woman transported Hermes and Zola from Zola's hometown to Wonder woman's. She is then greeted by the amazons, Her mother the queen then talks to her about the reason she wanted to protect Zeus's bastard who Zola a human is carrying, and tells her that Zeus's wife will not leave them in peace. Sure enough, Hera (Zeus's wife) sent her daughter Eris (goddess of strife and discord) but she wasn't looking for Zola she was looking for something else.In this issue we do get to learn about the origin of Diana (Wonder woman) and why she is different from the other Amazonians. I give it a [7/10].

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Taking suggestions

Hello everyone! I am writing this because I want to know your opinion. I was thinking it would be a good thing to turn this blog into everything comic book related, Such as: Movie reviews; news and as always The comic book reviews... Please let me know in a comment below if you would like to see that.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Review: 300

Presentation: Frank miller is probably one of the comic book writer that never did any of his comics wrong, they are all polished and have a deep story telling. 300 is no exception with it's amazing story telling that captures the Epicness of one of the most amazing stories in the ancient Greek history.

Story: In 480 BC, King Leonidas of Sparta gathers 300 of his best men to fight the upcoming Persian invasion. In what is likely a suicide mission, they and their allies plan to stop King Xerxes' invasion of Greece at the narrow cliffs of the "Hot Gates" (Thermopylae). The terrain prevents the Greeks from being overwhelmed by Xerxes' superior numbers.Before the battle starts, Ephialtes, a deformed Spartan, begs Leonidas to let him fight but is rejected due to his hunchbacked form, which prevents him from lifting his shield high enough to be of use for the phalanx.The Spartans and their allies successfully hold off the Persians for two days and nights. During a break in the fighting, Xerxes meets with Leonidas and offers wealth and power in exchange for his surrender. Leonidas declines, and battle continues. In his depression, Ephialtes betrays the Greeks by telling the Persians about the existence of a small pass that allows Xerxes to attack them from behind.Learning of the Persian maneuvers, the Greeks realize their position is indefensible, but the Spartans and a few others refuse to retreat. Before engaging the Persians for the last time, Leonidas orders one Spartan (Dilios) to leave,          so that he might survive to tell their story.

Art: As you'd expect from a Frank Miller novel. everything is gorgeous. The fight scenes are captured beautifully, I read it the comic books once and I found myself looking trough the pages again and again. It is really a treat for the eyes

Verdict: I give it a [8.5/10]. If you have seen the movie this comic book won't add anything new but if you haven't read this first and then watch the movie, wich I recommend.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

what we will be reading: 300

I am very sorry I haven't been posting a lot, I was swamped by schoolwork. High school is pretty tough , but i will always find some times to read and post for you guys! We will be reading 300, I know many of you have seen the epic movie by Zack Snyder,but there is always a differences between the comic and the movie. the review will be up on Monday.

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