Friday, September 30, 2011

Double Review: Aquaman #1 and Superman #1

Aquaman #1

Presentation: Aquaman has the potential to be one of the most awesome superheroes out there but the poor writing in the past. Hope fully this changed with this new reboot.

Story:There is No real story in this first issue other than Seeing some mysterious creatures coming up from the water and killing a sailor and Arthur (Aquaman) deciding to maybe leave his place as king of Atlantis.

Drawing: Aquaman looks effing amazing the coloring is done beautifully his costume makes other superheroes' ones look ridiculous.

Verdict:I give it a [6/10]. The drawing is what really got me. But some jokes implemented by the writers were funny, if you were looking for a start to a deep story, it really doesn't look like it. But it will be fun to see where this is going.

Superman #1

Presentation: Nobody can deny that superman is by far the most famous superheroes and he is one of the strongest ones also. But will this new reboot benefit a superhero who's been alive since the 1930s?

Story:The old daily planet is destroyed and rebuilt, wich is a pretty good deal for superman fans out there, tough the real story starts when a mysterious creature blows a horn from the top of the Himalayas followed by the appearance of a flaming creature that superman fights, and believe it was a pretty awesome fight,no details were given about the creature

Drawing: I have to say that I didn't really like the new outfit of superman, other than that everything is top notch, The fight sequence was very well captured

Verdict: I give it a [7/10], The fans may like the few changes that have been done on this title. For the story it is the first issue so don't go in expecting a lot.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Double Review: Batman #1 and Wonder Woman #1


Presentation : Te black knight is one of my favorite comic book characters, but sadly I was too young to read the first run of the series but with the new 52 it is my chance to do so.

Story: The story starts with Batman getting in a fight with all the famous villains and from the beginning you will see something that will make you go : WHAT?! After that the bat comes back to the bat cave for a gala, but will quickly get out of there and go to a crime scene of a man who's been stabbed and killed and gruesomely stuck to a wall . But the interesting thing about this crime scene is not the murder it self but the message that was drawn in a wall where the man was killed.

Drawings: The style is good but not very . The level of details isn't very good, some of the characters weren't captured as good as they could have been. But the star of the show, BATS, is very well drawn.

Verdict: This first issue was better than I expected , tough the art wasn't very good, what happened during these 24 pages is pretty awesome. I give it a [7.5/10].


Presentation : Wonder Woman is by far one of the hottest fictional characters there is. But I am not very familiar with her work as a super hero, that is why i was interested in this reboot.

Story: The story starts with a creature asking a woman to run away from her home, her and her child which she doesn't know about yet. He gives her a key as soon as she get it from him two centaur appear trying to kill the woman but as soon as she closes her hand on the key she is teleported to the house of Diana A.K.A Wonder Woman.I can't add anything that will not spoil the issue.

Drawing: Wonder Woman looks hot , wich is good. There are some gory scenes in the issue wich it always good. By the way, they went with the no pants version of wonder woman wich can only be good.

Verdict:You don't learn a lot during this issue, but we do get to see Wonder Woman in action. I give it a [7/10] but  good 7.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Coming up this week

I will be doing a double review of Batman #1 an Wonder Woman #1 . Sorry I haven't been posting a lot , but with school and everything else it is hard .Thanks for understanding.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Review: Venom

Presentation : Venom is known as the nemesis of spider man but venom wasn't always Eddie Brock, This story is kinda the origins of venom. One thing is for sure Venom is Not only dangerous but awesome .

Story : lieutenant Robertson, U.S. Army is a communications specialist stationed at a radar station thirty miles north of the arctic circle. Ordered to travel to a secluded research lab nearby to return some movies, Robertson finds the staff of te facility brutally slaughtered their bodies thrown around like toys.Investigating further, robertons finds a single survivor barricaded in a cooler. unable to speak and almost frozen to death, the survivo offers no answers to how o why everyone else was killed before passing out at robertson's feet. What robertson is that she isn't the only one intrested in what heppened at the lab.The killer infeltrated the station and start killing everyone and now that it can take shape of the host everyone is a suspect.A mysterious man known as the suit is trying to destroy venom.If anything other than that I might spoil something.

Drawing: The style is something I haven't seen before . The colors are awesome , Venom is very well captured. You might not love it ,But it'll grow on you .Not like the symbiote (venom).

Verdict: I give it a [7.5/10] the story isn't very solid tough it is still a good read . If you want to know more about Venom I recommend buying it.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

what we will be reading: Venom

We will be reading the Venom series it has 18 issues. The review will be up by Thursday.I figured that it would be cool to see the marvel world from a villain point of view.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: Scott pilgrim

Presentation: The movie adaptation of this comic book was talked about a lot. But from the look of it , I think it's stupid. But is it?

The series begins by introducing Scott Pilgrim, a 23-year-old Canadian slacker living in Toronto with his gay roommate Wallace Wells. He is the bass player for a band called Sex Bob-omb, along with his friends Stephen Stills "The Talent" (guitar) and Kim Pine (drums). He begins dating a Chinese-Canadian high-schooler, Knives Chau. Kim criticizes the relationship due to Knives' age, but Scott dismisses her complaints by pointing out that the relationship is platonic.
One night, Scott begins dreaming about a girl on Rollerblades who he has never met before. He later glimpses her in real life delivering a package to the library. Her repeated presence in his dreams, and a coincidental meeting at a party thrown by Stephen's on-off girlfriend Julie Powers, prompts him to become obsessed with finding out more about her. He discovers that she is Ramona Flowers, a girl who works for and has recently come to Toronto from New York after a rumored messy break-up with someone named Gideon.
Scott orders CDs on Amazon as a pretense to meet her again, and receives an email from someone named Matthew Patel warning him about an upcoming battle, but Scott pays it little heed and promptly deletes it. After another dream about Ramona, in which she is carrying his package, Scott wakes to find her at his door. She explains that she uses subspace portals as part of her job to cross long distances in seconds; one such route passes through Scott's brain, hence his dreams. Having convinced her he is not a strange person after their previous encounters, they spend the evening together and go back to her house during a heavy snowstorm, kiss, and spend the night together.
The next day, Wallace informs Scott that he needs to break up with Knives if he plans to pursue a serious relationship with Ramona, but when he meets Knives later in preparation for a band gig, Scott is unable to bring himself to break up with her. He also receives a letter from Matthew, which he again disregards.
At the venue, Sex Bob-omb prepare to begin their set when Matthew Patel descends upon the stage and engages Scott in a video game-style duel. He reveals himself as one of Ramona's evil ex-boyfriends, and has mystical powers that allow him to summon "demon hipster chicks." Scott defeats him in a musical battle, his final attack obliterating Matthew and leaving behind a handful of coins. On the subway home, Scott and Ramona decide to become a couple, on the proviso that Scott agree to defeat her six other evil-exes. When Scott asks if Gideon is one of them, Ramona's head glows sharply.And he has to fight the other six.

Drawing: There is not much to say about it. The backgrounds are empty, the books aren't inked very well. I got bored reading it. 

Verdict: If this comic wants to be taken seriously then it fails miserably. If not it still isn't Bob-omb! I give it a [5/10]. And i have to say the movie was more entertaining than the comic, wich doesn't happen that much.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today was a very slow news day. In fact there was nothing interesting to post . So i wanted to say that maybe the daily posts will stop. But on a good note the promised reviews of 5 of titles from The new 52 I chose in an earlier post will be up as soon as i get the comics, and Scott pilgrim review will be up Thursday instead of Friday.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

what we will be reading: scott pilgrim

We will be reading Scott Pilgrim . The review will be Up on friday.
Check out my latest review.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Review: Justice league #1

Presentation: Yesterday i went and picked up justice league #1 . It was the only one out ,but it was time for me to announce our review series of the new 52 comics, tough i will only be reviewing five titles . I hope you like them.

Story: The story is set 5 years before the DC universe as we know it. Superheroes don't know each others identities yet, and the haven't even met each other yet. This first Issue follows batman as he was following this creature and then Hal Jordan A.K.A Green lantern shows up and tells batman that it is a mission for the green lantern corps. Batman of course doesn't let him go alone and they "Team-up". The story also gives a bit of time for Cyborg who hasn't turned into a cyborg yet.

Drawings: The drawings are amazing ! the color are awsome! I mean it is a 2011 release so it has to be.

Verdict: I give it and [8/10] I think that this series will be awsome. I cannot wait for more!

P.S: The review of the first issues will be like this and after that i will only be talking about what happened . I will review the next issue knowing that you have read the one before, if i spoil anything sorry.

We will be reviewing : Justice league of america.
                                  Wonder Woman.
And they will be reviewed 2 days MAX after their release.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Review: Batman: Arkham city

Presentation: This is the prequel to one of the most anticipated game of the year.But was it a good idea for DC to make such move?

Story: The story picks up one year after Arkham Asylum, where the new Mayor Quincy Sharp (former Arkham Warden) has closed down Arkham and instead instituted the titular Arkham City. An Escape From New York-esque prison system, inmates are free to roam about the "maximum security home" set within the heavy walls of a sectioned off piece of Gotham City real estate. Running the establishment is Dr. Hugo Strange, a character we've learned from the latest game trailer knows the identity of Batman.

Drawing: The drawing on this one is simply astonishing The way the characters are drawn is very accurate.

Verdict: This totally gives the story more depth. I give it a [8/10]. If you are planing to play the game and have a 15$ you can spare then go pick this up. BTW there is a LOT of commercials in the comic , but if you can get over them, please go and pick it up.

Stay tuned .Tomorrow I will make a big announcement that you will surely like.And sorry if the review is a bit rushed i wanted to time the announcement with the weekend .

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