Wednesday, August 31, 2011

what we will be reading : Batman : Arkham city

This is the prequel to the highly anticipated game Batman: Arkham city.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Q&A Answers!

Q:Who is your all time favorite comic book writer?
A:Frank Miller

Q:Who's your favorite comic book character of all time ?
A: Wolverine

Q:If you could have any super power, what would it be?
A: Regeneration

Q:What is wolverine's full name?
A: before he lost his memory: James Howlett. After he lost his memory: Logan

Q: If you were in charge of a comic book company would you let the writers write what they want or would you tell them what they have to write?
A:I will let them write what they want. But of course if it is good then it will be published

Q:Why no manga?
A: haven't got around to it. Tell me guys if you want to see Manga.

Q:Whats the best comic book to start with?
A: either Watchmen or Year one

Q: What's one "must-read" comic before I die?
A: Watchmen , Year one or Civil war

Q: What's the worst comic you've ever read?
A: I hevn't read anything bad yet.

Q: Personal top 5 comics?
A: 5:kick ass. 4:Civil war. 3:Year one. 2:Ultimate X-men ( all 100 issues). 1: Watchmen

Q:the best comics you've read?
A: Year one.

Q:What do you like better, the comic book or the movie version of "V" for Vendetta?
A: I haven't seen the movie yet. But it looks awsome.Gonna go pick it up tonight.

Q:Which Arkham City skin do you like the most?
A: I loved the hooded robin one.

Q:what was the most obscure comic you ever read?
A: I think it has to be Batman Arkham asylum: A serious house on serious earth.

Q:What's the sickest or most disgusting thing you've seen in a comic?
A: I think it's when Hank pym cut Black panther's leg and ate it while he was alive (marvel zombies)

Q:Which superhero comic would you like to see coming in live action movie next?
A:Probably Iron Fist. It is easy to make don't know why they haven't made one yet.

Q:Do you believe that Deadpool is overrated?
A: No hell to the no! I think he is over powered, He is by far the funniest character the comic book universe has to offer.

Q:Would you like to check my blog and tel me if you like my comic book-esque art?
A: I did. They are pretty cool

I think i answered all of them. Let guys know if maybe in the future you want to see another one of these.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Review: V for Vendetta


The movie V for Vendetta was recommended for me by many of my friends, and they described it by one words: Badass. But does it deserve this description?


In the 1980s, a world war, Europe, Africa and the United States of America is reduced to ashes by nuclear weapons. Britain was spared by the bombings but not by thechaos and flooding resulting from climate change. English society in this post-apocalyptic, a fascist party, Norsefire, took over power and tries to restore the countryafter carrying out ethnic cleansing, political and social without mercy.In 1997, when the party seems to have the situation under control, an anarchist began a campaign to undermine all the symbols of power. This anarchist who calls himself "V"wears a mask representing the face of Guy Fawkes, the most famous member of theGunpowder Plot. In his first brilliant action, blasting the Palace of Westminster, Vrescues Evey, a young girl of 16 who might be raped and executed for prostitution.


The drawing is good, not very , but it suits the post apocalyptic environment. And it's also cool to see another version of this world where it is not only desert wastelands. "V" is captured beautifully and is very charismatic as a character and the costume helps a lot in bringing that badass look.

Verdict: I give it a [7.5/10] the story had a lot of long conversations and I was hoping to see a lot more action.My expectation did influence the score, but if you are looking for a solid story you will not find anything better.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

How about a Q&A?

So I've seen lots of blog doing this, and I decided to do one myself. Please leave a question Below.
And be shure to check this week's posts:

Rview: Batman: Year one
News: Robin's new skins in Batman: Arkham City
News: The new 52
What we will be reading: V for Vendetta

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

what we will be reading: V for Vendetta

I never saw the whole movie of this and I never read this series but it sure looks amazing. V for vendetta is what we will be reading , The review will be up on Monday. meanwhile please check out the review of Batman: Year one.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

News: The new 52

DC has promised their fan a big reboot and it turns out that it is pretty big . They will be releasing 52 number ones coming this September.The reboot will include pretty much every DC series starting from Action Comics to All-star Western . We will definitely choose 5 or 6 and start reviewing them every week .

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

News: Robin's new skins in Batman: Arkham City

Yesterday released an image showing the skins that wonder boy will be rocking in the new Arkham City game coming this October. I personally love the one in the middle it just looks so awesome.

What do you guys think?

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Review: Batman: Year one

Presentation: Batman is one of the most charismatic DC characters, and is one of my favorites.IGN Comics ranked Batman: Year One at the top of a list of the 25 greatest Batman graphic novels, saying that "no other book before or since has quite captured the realism, the grit and the humanity of Gordon and Batman so perfectly." The website added, "It's not only one of the most important comics ever written, it's also among the best." So does it deserve that title?

Story:The story recounts the beginning of Bruce Wayne's career as Batman and Jim Gordon's with the Gotham City Police Department. Bruce Wayne returns home to Gotham City from training abroad in martial arts, manhunting, and science for the past 12 years, and James Gordon moves to Gotham with his wife, Barbara, after a transfer from Chicago. Both are swiftly acquainted with the corruption and violence of Gotham City, with Gordon witnessing his partner Detective Flass assaulting a teen for fun.
On a surveillance mission to the seedy East End, a disguised Bruce is propositioned by teenaged prostitute Holly Robinson. He is reluctantly drawn into a brawl with her violent pimp and is attacked by several prostitutes, including dominatrix Selina Kyle. Two police officers shoot and take him in their squad car, but a dazed and bleeding Bruce breaks his handcuffs and causes a crash, dragging the police to a safe distance before fleeing. He reachesWayne Manor barely alive and sits before his father’s bust, requesting guidance in his war on crime. A bat crashes through a window and settles on the bust, giving him the inspiration to become a bat.
Gordon soon works to rid corruption from the force, but, on orders from Commissioner Gillian Loeb, several officers attack him, including Flass, who personally threatens Gordon’s pregnant wife. In revenge, the recovering Gordon tracks Flass down, beats and humiliates him, leaving him naked and handcuffed in the snow.
As Gordon becomes a minor celebrity for several brave acts, Batman strikes for the first time, attacking a group of thieves. Batman soon works up the ladder, even attacking Flass while he was accepting a drug dealer’s bribe. After Batman interrupts a dinner party attended by many of Gotham’s corrupt politicians and crime bosses, including Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, Loeb orders Gordon to bring him in by any means necessary.
As Gordon tries in vain to catch him, Batman attacks Falcone, stripping him naked and tying him up in his bed after dumping his car in the river, further infuriating the mob boss. Assistant district attorney Harvey Dent becomes Batman’s first ally, while Detective Sarah Essen and Gordon, after Essen suggested Bruce Wayne as a Batman suspect, witness Batman save an old woman from a runaway truck. Essen holds Batman at gunpoint while Gordon is momentarily dazed, but Batman disarms her and flees to an abandoned building.
Claiming the building has been scheduled for demolition, Loeb orders a bomb dropped on it, forcing Batman into the fortified basement, abandoning his belt as the explosives inside catch fire. A trigger-happy SWAT team led by Branden is sent in, who Batman attempts to trap in the basement. They soon escape and, after tranquilizing Branden, Batman dodges as the rest open fire, barely managing to survive after two bullet wounds. Enraged as the team’s carelessly fired bullets injure several people outside, Batman beats the team into submission and, after using a device to attract the bats of his cave to him, he flees amid the chaos. Selina Kyle, after witnessing him in action, dons a costume of her own to begin a life of crime.
Gordon has a brief affair with Essen, while Batman intimidates a mob drug dealer for information. The dealer comes to Gordon to testify against Flass, who is brought up on charges. Upset with Gordon's exploits, Loeb blackmails Gordon against pressing charges with proof of his affair. After bringing Barbara with him to interview Bruce Wayne, investigating his connection to Batman, Gordon confesses the affair to her.
Batman sneaks into Falcone’s manor, overhearing a plan against Gordon, but is interrupted when Selina Kyle, hoping to build a reputation after her robberies were pinned on Batman, attacks Falcone and his bodyguards, aided from afar by Batman. Identifying Falcone’s plan as the morning comes, the uncostumed Bruce leaves to help.
While leaving home, Gordon spots a motorcyclist enter his garage. Suspicious, Gordon enters to see Johnny Vitti, Falcone’s nephew, and his thugs holding his family hostage. Gordon decisively shoots the thugs and chases Vitti, who has fled with the baby. Bruce Wayne, on a motorcycle, also rushes out to chase Vitti. Gordon blows out Vitti's car tire on a bridge and the two fight hand-to-hand, with Gordon losing his glasses, before Vitti and James Gordon Junior fall over the side. Bruce leaps over the railing and saves the baby. Gordon realizes that he is standing before an unmasked Batman, but says that he is "practically blind without [his] glasses," and lets Bruce go.
In the final scenes of the comic, Flass turns on Loeb, supplying Dent with evidence and testimony, and Loeb resigns. Gordon is promoted to captain and stands on the rooftop waiting to meet Batman to discuss somebody called The Joker, who is plotting to poison the reservoir.

Drawing: The illustrators did an amazing job on this series, the coloring is great , it takes you back to the old age of comics, just like watchmen it may throw off some readers but they will soon find that it fits the story beautifully.

Verdict: Batman: Year one is trully a graphic novel, I enjoyed every page of it and when i finished an issue i couldn't wait to open another one. I give it a [9/10] . I recommend reading it.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

what we will be reading : Batman : Year One

After a week of not posting anything , i'll be reading Batman : Year One for the weekend and the review will be up by monday.

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Monday, August 15, 2011


there will be monday to friday post  but starting next week. if i don't post a news story be sur it will be a what we will be reading or a review. thanks for tuning in!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review:Civil War

Presentation: Marvel was having a rough time getting their fanbase motivated . But this event came around and it gave hope for marvel to get back to their old place in our hearts.

Story:After the attack on the Avengers Mansion, the destruction of Manhattan because of the secret war of Nick Fury, the loss of power of 91.4% of the mutants, the disaster caused Hulk in Las Vegas (where died twenty-six adults, two children and a dog died), the world is in a climate of fear, even stronger, from superheroes. This leads then to a new bill from the U.S. government: the identification of superheroes. This law is to ensure that any person with powers, including the mutants, will be forced to declare the state and to join SHIELD in order to become their new security forces. This will always be superheroes, but in a hierarchy. Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is informed by his contacts in the Congress of the new bill.
Iron Man then gathered the Illuminati for a special meeting to ask them to be part of the bill to avoid a disaster happens, like two sides of superheroes fighting against each other. Only he and Mr. Fantastic were in favor of this law, in turn, Namor, Black Bolt Doctor Strange and rejected it. Then it was the penultimate meeting of the Illuminati known to date.
Spider-Man began to overcome the bad guys as a team with New Avengers, and tied a friendship with Tony Stark. he asked him to become his right arm. His first mission was to accompany him to Washington for a matter of national security on the Census Act of superheroes. They went and Tony hired Titanium Man to trigger a fight. Peter Parker and believed that we was protecting by fighting the bad guy, but everything was planned: it was just delaying the introduction of the new law, which became inevitable.

Drawing: The drawing is top notch guys. The colors are beautiful and the best i've ever seen. The illustrators sometime put these cinematic poses( i don't what they call em) here an example:

Verdict: This serie was the first major marvel event i've ever read and it was amazing. I think every comic fan should get this, Because : 1st   it influenced all marvel character
                       2nd It is a good solid story .

I give it a [9/10].

Friday, August 12, 2011

News: Marvel! Really?!

These last few days marvel has been posting pictures and teasing return of some comic book series and their big reboot. But there was one who caught my eye, this one:

I don't know how i feel about this, I think it is bad news , because i am used to thor as the god of thunder and his mjolnir, but this Tanarus looks old and his "hammer" looks like a cane. i hope this is just some independent serie.What do you guys think?

P.S: The civil war review will be up tomorrow.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

News: Man of steel is being shot

The new Superman movie entitled "Man of steel" is now filming. The Facebook fan page released many images (that i need permission to publish) it has an estimated budget of  $175,000,000. Zack Snyder is the director (sucker punch, 300, watchmen) . it is planed for 2013 release. But for now here is Henry Cavill (clark Kent) rocking the beautiful Superman suit.(click for full image)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Off Topic

Will you guys be intrested if i start making monday to friday news posts about the comic book world and stuff like that?
Leave a comment below.

Monday, August 8, 2011

what we will be reading : Civil War

We will be reading this 2006 serie from marvel . They say it is one of the best ! The review will be up soon .

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Prestation: Do you like vampires ? do you like monsters? do you like badass rifle wielding beard rocking old guys? if your answer is Yes, Well you will totally love this comic book series.

Story: The comic strip takes in humorous way the principle of a serial novel contrasting unconventional characters that are particularly dark. To defend England against the most extraordinary threat, a secret agent named Campion Bond, acting on behalf of a mysterious Mister M, gives Miss Wilhelmina Murray (one of the characters of Dracula) the task to recruit individuals with special talents:
          -Allan Quatermain, King Solomon's Mines by Henry Rider Haggard.

                -Dr. Henry Jekyll and his alter ego, Mr. Hyde, from the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.

-Captain Nemo from Jules Verne's, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

-Hawley Griffin , The Invisible ManNote that Alan Moore gave him the name of the killer Hawley Crippen.

Drawing: The drawing is a bit odd. It is not bad, but it's not something i have seen before . The characters have their own unique styles and they are not forgettable. Knowing that the characters are mainly from books they did a pretty awesome job.

Verdict : It is an amazing series but it may not appeal to many guys (and girls) but if you watched the movie and liked it , you will love this. I give it [7.5/10].

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

what we will be reading : League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Thanks to shaw for the suggestion. the movie based on this comic is in my top 20 of all time ,hopefully this one is as good .

Monday, August 1, 2011

taking suggestions

You know what to do guys! Leave a comment below telling me what comic book or books should I review next